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Yuroma Goodnight Essential Oil 晚安精油 10ml

Yuroma Goodnight Essential Oil 晚安精油 10ml

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Yuroma®️ 晚安精油


1. 加湿器放3-5滴(依据加湿器水容量增加精油)
2. 在手掌上滴1至2滴精油,揉搓雙手,然後從掌心裡慢慢吸氣,可抹在耳背
3. 浴缸泡澡可以放6滴左右,增加疗香氛围
4. 泡脚前3-5滴在脚轻微按摩,然后就开始泡脚,这个是超级舒服relax的做法




Yuroma®️ Goodnight Essential Oil

Pure Essential Oil

Multiple Direction of Use:
1. Between 3 to 5 drops of an essential oil are recommended to use in a diffuser
2. Put 1-2 drops on your hand, rub your hand and feel the scent
3. Put about 6 drops in the bathtub for a essential oil bath
4. Use 3-5 drops before the foot spa for a massage, you will feel very relaxing

Volume: 10ml

Price not included diffuser

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